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India is a thriving nation with tremendous industrial growth prospects. Needless to say that industrial machinery is in high demand here. One such machine used to join two materials like steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, plastic or polymer and fusing them is called a welding machine. There are plenty of welding machine manufacturers in India.

In simple words, Welding is a process that is used to join metals. A great combination of high heat, and pressure is generally used in this whole process. It is potentially a dangerous manufacturing procedure, but also one that is widely used in many companies.

There are some different energy sources such as gas flame, friction, electric arc, ultrasound, laser and electric beam that have to be used in the welding process. Power supply, shielding gas, electrodes, rods, weld and arcs are some of the basic requirements.

As it is a dangerous process there is high risk involved in it; hence security equipments like defensive mask and helmet are essential. Welding is a complex operation that involves some serious injury risks. The operator of the machine is in constant contact with an open electric flame, facing a probability of getting burnt. In order to prevent such a severe injury, a protective gear like durable leather gloves and thick long sleeves fully covered gown is utilized. Electric flame can cause facial injuries and various others eye damages but welders can prevent themselves by using masks, goggles and helmets. Helmet or goggles also decrease the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays, which are directed from sparks and flames.

There are some easy-to-access operations generally used such as arc welding, TIG & MIG welding and gas welding. In order to make a fusing arc between an electrode and a base material arc process uses a power supply to liquefy the metals at the fusing point. In case of MIG & TIG application, constant & delicate wire electrodes are passed all the way through a welding gun. For MIG application, a cable electrode is consumed to create a bond.

Many manufacturers give discounts on the machines or provide some spare parts as part of the deal. Many provide good service, which is an essential need when it comes to such machines. Before choosing the right manufacturer, select the right product to suit your need. Take into accounts aspects such as, the power supply needed, whether it is portable, what other tools and accessories might be needed with the welding machine. Know the purpose and for what the machine is going to be used. Then choose from one of the leading welding machine manufacturers in India.
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Welding Machines Manufacturers In India

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This article was published on 2011/02/06