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The history of welding has a rich history that goes all the way back to ancient times. Welding has progressed throughout history. Tiny cylindrical boxes made of gold that were constructed by lap joints being pressure welded together were made during the Bronze Age. People from the Eastern Mediterranean region such as the Egyptians learned how to weld pieces of metal together during the Iron Age. Some tools have been discovered in the region that date back to 1000 B.C.

As the art of blacksmithing developed through the Middle Ages, many iron items were made by the process of forging , where equipment and supplies used for agriculture where iron was needed were first heated and then pounded into the desired shape or joint.

Gas welding, also known as oxyacetylene welding, uses a combination of gases and oxygen to cut or weld materials . Gas welder systems were first developed by Edmond Fouche and Charles Picard in 1903.

Around the end of the 1800's, oxyfuel and arc welding developed with resistance welding on their heels. The metal arc and carbon arc were developed and resistance welding became the practical joining process of choice.This became important when welding cast iron for agricultural purposes.

With the advent of World War I and World War II, welding technology expanded quickly along with more inexpensive and stable methods. As demand in the private sector grew, manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems were honed and stabilized such as shielded metal arc, gas submerged arc, laser beam, and electron beam with variations including MIG welding equipment and another type of gas welding equipment called TIG.

Robot welding is now becoming state of the art as development of various components such as supply regulators continue to develop and a better grasp of weld quality and characteristics are understood. This also becomes apparent in the high frequency welding process.

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Arc Welding Trivia

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This article was published on 2010/03/27