Arc Welder And Its Significance

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Arc welding is commonly used because of the low cost and is normally the first type of welding apprentices learn. Arc welding uses an electrical current between an electrode and the welding material to melt the metal and create the weld. The area being welded is sometimes protected by semi-inert gas or filler material. Arc welding is a simple welding method that can be used by almost any weldor, and it can be used on nearly any type of metal. There are more technologically advanced methods of welding, but arc welding is easiest and to perform arc welding, arc welder is used.

Welding equipment that performs this type of welding is called as arc welders. Arc welders are machines that create an electrical current in the shape of an arc. This current can reach thousands of degrees in temperature, and it melts any type of metal. While arc welding may not be as common now as it used to be due to new forms of welding, it has a variety of uses and Arc welders used to be expensive tools that were available only to large companies or top tradesmen. Over the years, however, arc welders have become much more affordable. Smaller tradesmen and hobbyists can now enjoy the convenience of having their own arc welder. Whether you want to fix metal items around the house or restore a classic car, an arc welder can make the job easier.

Choose a gas-metal arc welder if you plan to use your arc welder for indoor projects and choose a flux-core arc welder, if you plan to use a welder for outdoor projects. Make sure the arc welder you choose has a trigger mechanism. An arc welder without a trigger mechanism has a constant live torch, which can be dangerous, especially when working indoors. Consider the amount of amperage you need your arc welder to have. This depends on the metal you're working with. Generally speaking, for a 2 mm piece of steel, you will need a 90-amp arc welder. For a 5 mm piece of steel, you will need a 180-amp welder, and for thinner metals, you will need about a 25-amp welder.

Its very important that you should know how to weld using arc welder. When you weld, your practice area should be outdoors without any flammable materials nearby. Secure the practice steel to a work platform, attach the ground to the steel and place the welding rod in the other clamp. Put on your protective equipment, especially the helmet. Looking at the arc unprotected can instantly cause permanent eye damage. Turn the welder on and set it to about 80 amps and touch the electrode to the steel and pull it back slightly. Break it loose and try again if it sticks. Increase the amperage if it continues to stick and feed the electrode into the arc to maintain it.

Once you become proficient to know how to weld at this, you may advance to welding two pieces of metal together. Look for an arc welder at a store approved by the American Welding Society. Search in the internet search engines and you will be provided with a list of welding stores that sell each type of arc welder.
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Arc Welder And Its Significance

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This article was published on 2010/10/10